Sunday, 19 July 2009

Bloody typical. Again.

So I returned safely from my holiday, was lovely having all that time away but I did feel like I had a case of cabin fever. America is so big, and Florida so hot that you literally cannot go anywhere without a car. And since i'm only 22, I need special car hire so I didn't get to drive anywhere. I was relying on what the fam wanted to do, and I hate that. Plus, since it was so hot, I couldn't even walk anywhere! Anyway, it's not nice at all to be home. I'd sell my left kidney to go back.

While I was away there was a little drama. Lets not go into details, but I have another wing-woman. So i took her out for a quiet drink on Friday. I was told there was another pal meeting us in the bar with two american friends. I got dead excited at this, since it'd make me feel at home! At this point i'd like to mention the negative man love in America for me. I saw a handful of reasonablly hot guys, one did ask me out for drinks but I wasn't going boozing with a stranger. So one guy on friday night was a lovely guy who knew the place in Atlanta that my american family are from, the other one was a cutie from Tampa, about 40 mins from where I stayed. Long story short, I kissed cute american boy and had lots of fun but how bloody annoying that I find an american boy when we're both in Belfast. He's travelling the world and is in London and Dublin for a while. Then who knows where he's going. He may go back to the States, he may hang around here. But either way, it's not likely that I will see him again, but my fingers are crossed.