Thursday, 29 October 2009

All change

Well boys and girls, I had an epiphany. Driving to work every morning means I have pleanty of time to chill, sing, laugh along to the radio, wish death on Chris Moyles (only sometimes) but a few days ago I recalled one of my 'mad nights with beards'. Of late, i've been going out with a few gals off twitter. (to the twitter world- ya'll know who they are; rest of world- don't worry, if I was going to be killed, i'm sure they could have done it already). We have a thing about boys with beards (now referred to as beard for short) and we like to drink waaay too much vod and then we tweet the next day to compare hangovers.

These mad nights, where I approach strangers asking 'Have you ever been on TV? No, fancy being on a dating show' and other ridiculous lines has reaffirmed the fact that i'm far too young to be settled down. Yes, I may yearn for a beard to snuggle on the sofa or fetch me KFC when i'm hanging, but for the mean time i'm more than happy to spend all my monies on booze and recall the nights of fun that I would only be able to go if I was single. And thank god I am, because it's an awful lot of fun!

My epiphany was given a helping hand by a guy. Well two guys. One is lovely and ever so nice but i'm just not that into him. The other. Well. He started off dead nice, all vay good on paper. Then he got really needy. And there is nothing like that to put a girl off. He even went as far as texting a mutual friend when I didn't reply to a text. He also sends those irritating texts that are looking for reassurance and I don't know him well enough to be his shoulder. And the final, and most worrying thing is the fact that we don't flirt at all. There is no funny banter, all texts are pretty blunt and to the point, and generally end with him moaning about something (yes, ok, I am a whinge but seriously, this dude is waaay worse than me). He also reminds me of my ex Mark. And he was a dick so guilty by association. Even 30% discount in one of my fav shops ever isn't enough to persuade me to reply to his text.

I've also just realised that this blog has now changed from a blog whining about me not having a guy to whining about the guys I do have. Oops. Anyway, this weekend is Halloween and i'm out with @noberts and David so we'll tear it up and see what shit goes down. boo ya.