Sunday, 29 November 2009

Nothin to see here folks...

...keep on walkin.

Just decided to post to give me something to do, and i guess to pat myself on the back for a successful NoVember. After tearing it up too many weekends, getting drunk, walking up with the dread (or worse), suffering the Sunday Blues, Miserable Mondays, Teary Tuesdays and Woeful Wednesdays I took November off. I had No Vember. I cleared my diary as best i could and spent saturday nights infront of the box. I had a work function to go to so I went and didn't have a great time on one of the Saturday nights. The band were pretty hot but the average age of people there was 65 so I was hardly on the pull so it all worked out well.

Following week, going out plans fell through and I rejoyced. A busy night in the Odyssey then home to bed, Sunday was spent in Ikea (not as horrific as usual) then another weeks work. This weekend wasn't quite so good. A lovely joyrider nicked a car and managed to crash into mine during the night. Mega damage, needs new panels etc and makes an awful noise when going over any bumps so I'll need to be heading to work nice and slowly this week.

Impending, I have a weekend (and them some) in Manchester, seeing the sights and having mega nights out (and too many bus journeys for my liking). Following weekend is Saturday night out with work people from the Odyssey. The next week is graduation, that weekend is magazine work night out, week after is xmas. So all is mental.

All a little too mental, and despite Xmas being a great time to be one half of a couple, i'm still perfectly happy without a beard by my side.

Over and out.