Friday, 22 January 2010

I know it's not about finding a boy...

...but i'm more content being single now than I have in a long time. I don't know what's changed, I guess I feel that I need to be at home much more often which isn't leaving much time for anything but I like how things are now. Able to get into bed and chill with Lynne watching telly, listening to music when i'm in Belfast, not having anything to worry about and for some reason I'm not even looking for any hugs or snuggles!

Anyway, the main reason I decided to post tonight was to tell ya'll (probably the four people who read my blog coz they follow me on twitter) that i'm helping to organise a fun run in Belfast to raise money for the Haiti earthquake fund. ( for more info please folks...) but recently I had been thinking 'shit man, I shouldn't have done that masters, I don't know if PR is for me, i'll be rubbish at it, I'll never get a job etc etc'. My job is fine- there isn't anything I find taxing, it's not too boring, it's an alright atmosphere to work in and I get a nice feeling of satisfaction when I see the magazine in a shop but it isn't what I want to do.

When I started working with Austin and Lisa to organise the race and get us lots of press coverage, it made me realise that it is something I can do, and more importantly, something I enjoy doing. If it turns out to be just the charity side of it, then happy days, but whatever I end up doing, as long as I get the opportunity to do a little event management and I'm working for a brand that I like and believe in, I'll be happy.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

My rundown of 2010 was deleted.

Last night, I lay in bed (with the electric blanket on because my feet were freezing) watching it snow i decided to join in with everyone else who did end of year posts. I typed out a huge blogpost but because my pooter battery was dead, I did it as an email on my phone so I could just send it to myself and put it here (yes, there probably is a way of blogging from my berry but I don't care- I like my way) but when I sent it, mere moments ago, it delivered to the Berry and stupidly hit Delete on device and mailbox, like I do with all my spam. I did do a search but can't find ...
...Christ on a bike. There it is. I found it. Magic. Well folks, I'll leave you with the original post. (ps I really did think it was gone, that wasn't for dramatic effect or anything!)

I don't really believe in new year. Yes, it is a new year so therefore I've contradicted myself already. I should say I don't believe the hype surrounding a new year. Anyway, basically I don't think nye changes anything, 12midnight on 31st december is a miserable time for me. I don't know why. Maybe I'm mourning another xmas over for a whole year or I'm so pessimistic that I can't see anything spectacular happening in the impending 12 months. Just before the highlights of 2009, a not so good part was my poor wee granny spending xmas in hospital- meant xmas in the Anthony household wasn't much fun. The only reason I mention this is because not only am I gutted Katie is so ill, and has been for a full month now and most of the people I know realise how close we all are to our granny and how rubbish xmas and NYE was in our house but a few people have really upset me with a blatent refusal to give a shit. It would have been nice to show a tiny bit of concern. And it would have been lovely to have some compassion. Yes your xmas was lovely but mine wasn't. Don't rub it in.

That said, I wanted to do my highlights of 2009. My birthday in the Stiff Kitten bar on the Saturday (followed by Soapbox on the Monday) was a stand out good night! Was great fun. My holiday was also great, as was the introduction of lopsi to the world through twitter (and when Phillip schofield tweeted at me!) and meeting the tweeple irl was good too! I got to know Danny and Aaron (both mental and from London- purely internet relationship except when Danny and I get drunk and feel the need to talk). Anyway, since mid december we've had lots of snow. I love snow. Its snowing again. And it makes me happy. I've a fur coat and its so toasty the snow can't touch me! I also went to Manchester which was fun! And I had a good ole heart to heart with an ex (I was sober for a change) so we have to wait and see what happens there. Least this time I made some sense. Poor guy's been hearing it from drunk lopsi for years! Maybe we'll give it another shot, maybe not. Time and fate will tell. Either way, I'm happy. He's a great guy.

2009 was the year of great music, movies and nights out. Gemma and I in the limelight on a Friday is a stand out night! As were the nights recruiting for a dating show with niki. And Halloween when I was bondage barbie and not one person wanted to play was good (but too short). I made mistakes and bad choices but I dealt with it (so did everyone else), I drank too much and puked in work, I flirted ridiculously with a colleague, I met an ice hockey player and so totally would and not even coz he's a hero for giants fans, I was sick on one work night out, was hungover on the other, I got my blackberry and joined the yuppie world, I caught snowflakes in my mouth, I got obsessed with space, I made curtains, I wrote about weddings for a magazine and it was printed, I found my new fav foundation (smashbox), I wrote all this on my blackberry as an email, I laughed, I cried (lots and for silly reasons), I danced and I had a ball. Roll on the next twelve months. Whatever life throws at me, I'm fairly confident I'll knock it outta the ballpark coz I'm tuff as nails, innit. Well, after a mini meltdown maybe I'll start knocking it out of the ballpark. Now I'm missing celeb big bro and I need towels from dryer.
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