Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy V-Day

Well, it's my second single V Day. Last year I called it Single Losers Day. This year, I haven't had much time to think about it. It's a 'holiday' I disagree with- and not just because I'm single. If I'm with a bloke, I don't want to guilt him into roses for V Day. I'd far rather have tulips (or any other flowers I actually like) on any other day of the year. As for the cards- I HATE how Clinton Cards reduce their usually good range of cards to make room for all the mush. I'm a fan of cards. I like buying them, and pride myself on finding the perfect one pretty quickly and I like to buy them for no reason rather than this whole guilt thing. This past week has been a nightmare and our house is full of cards, none of them covered in hearts or mush.

2010 so far has treated my wee family pretty badly, it's shown me better sides to some people but I wish I didn't have to see it. Already we've had two birthdays, one death in my immediate family, another in a close friend's family, a house move, a huge fundraising success, two of us looking for new jobs and in the next two weeks there are three more birthdays. It's a busy time in the Anthony house.

I had written a post on my mobile one morning a few days ago but didn't post it, mainly because it was unfinished but I'm going to keep it, just for me. My wee granny got a namecheck in a blog over xmas, she was such a great lady and she passed away on February 8th. She always had a cheeky grin for us, and saying something silly would remind her of a rhyme she learnt as a child, so I'm going to try and post them here when I remember them ( I know that if I attempt to write them on paper they'll get lost). Katie also constantly asked me if I had a man, it was her who provided the inspiration for the name of my blog- she told me I'd never find a man if I still have cats. I know if I told her about the blog, apart from being confused about what it is, she would have found it hilarious that I let everyone know I'm single by writing about it on the internet. She would also tell me i'm better off not getting married until i'm 30 and i'm too young to worry about being single. Well Kate, you're right. I am too young and i'm definitely not worried.

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