Sunday, 7 March 2010

Happy birthday to me!

I've just noticed that I've started at least three posts now with a greeting of some sort. Wonder what that says about me? Speaking of which, mum picked up a keyring with my name on when she was in Tenerife (you have no idea how hard it is to get things with Lorraine written on them- I really appreciate it when someone finds them for me!). It says 'a name taken from the French region. She is thoughtful, business-like and unpretentious. A straight forward lady; you know where you stand with her'. Today I picked up a copy of the Sunday Times. I like the supplements, so 120 pages of Style goodness sold it to me. And I found this inside- 'Blonde moment', An article written by AA Gill. 'All the associations for blonde were good. Who doesn't like a blonde? The Blonde was fun, liked to eat out, wore high heels and had a dirty laugh. She is witty and intense, quick to take offence and quick to make up. Blondes have opinions, swear and get jokes.' (This is possibly the most random tangent I could have gone on, and it has nothing at all to do with what I originally planned to blog about). Basically, I think at the minute, I'm definitely a blonde. Everyone has a different opinion on my hair colour. Right now, it's the closest it's been to it's natural colour in ages (there is no blonde at the back anymore) but what AA Gill says makes sense to me. I feel like a blonde. I like being blonde. I don't dye my hair to fit in, or be liked, or because of any social connotations that people may attribute with blonde hair. Some of the things he says, like the keyring just suit me. I read it, and I nodded. So, for the minute, I'm staying blonde. We really do have more fun.

So back to my original blog post-
birthday thinkings.
I had such a nice birthday. I didn't do anything. I went for lunch with my mum, I was woken up by my nephew, I sat on the sofa and watched rubbish telly and I eat cake. Of course there was some mayhem too- it wouldn't be a Lopsi birthday if I didn't go out. So the fabulous Rebecca, lovely Lynne and cute little Laura and I hit up Madison's. The ever lovely Dave made us birthday cocktails, which went down a treat! We sailed off on vodka cloud to Sketchy, where we danced and drank the night away (helped of course by birthday drinks from Rigsy - I cursed him something shocking the next day). Anyway, everything was great. Such a fun birthday night, even if I did spend the whole next day dying an absolute death!

Saturday night was Hockey in the S&A with David. After dragging him round town because I was stubborn (and a little unwilling to rush while getting ready) we didn't make reservations but ended up getting squeezed into AM:PM which happens to be one of my favourite restaurants! We headed to Hockey, my feet killing me after all the walking, where I had such an amazing time. The band were phenomenal. I absolutely loved every minute of it. Even David didn't mind going. We finished the night as drunken messes in the Limelight, where I stole a poster off the wall and danced with the band!

All in all, 23 kicked off in style. Nothing awful has happened yet, nothing I would even consider changing, several things I'd do all over again if I was lucky enough to get a second chance.

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