Saturday, 6 February 2010

More off topic.

So the longer this blog goes on, it appears to have lost it's initial topic of boy hunting. Yes, i'm still going out and getting horrifically drunk, but not as often and I'm not so preoccupied by being single. I've said it before and i'll say it again- i'm very content the way I am now!

So the past few weeks have been hectic to say the least. First off was the job situation. I'm a writer for a magazine and was told a few months ago they needed me until April. Fine, only a temporary job and it gives me lots of time to find something new, in the meantime i'll sit tight and give my other job lots of availablility to soften the financial blow. But last week, I was told that I was only needed until the end of February which has basically left me job hunting like a maniac to try and get something sorted before I turn into Skinty McSkint :( (right before my birthday too...bad times).

In the middle of all of this, some mentalist (@lisam75) decided that a charity race to raise money for Haiti would be a good idea. Her and @austinslide (also mental) knew from my profile on twitter that I do PR so asked me to do a wee press release- nothing major I figured. Until it spiralled out of control - in the best imaginable way.

We were all throwing ideas about, what we could do, where we'll do it, how the press will work for us- the usual things you have to work out when you're arranging something like this. We had our first meeting in McDonalds in Glengormley (the most terrifying place in the world) and I met Austin for the first time. I remember sitting at Austin's house with a cuppa, with Lisa's gorgeous kids playing with Zane's cars, thinking - oh my god- they have done so much already - this pair have figured out everything.

The reality started to dawn on me when I called a t-shirt printing company and they laughed when I said I needed the t-shirts in a week. The guy thought I was mental trying to sort everything at the last minute, but it wasn't the last minute, we'd just given ourselves two weeks to do it all!

My days were filled with emails, my blackberry was never more used in it's life (I really don't know where i'd be without it), my nights with twitter, more emails and lists and lists of things to do. It seemed like once something got sorted, we had a new brainwave that took more and more planning but somehow we managed to stay on top.

Race day rolled around, complete with the terror of Gerard McCarthy (Kris from 'Ollyoaks) having his flight delayed and Dame Mary Peters disappearing like a theif in the night every two minutes. We ran out of numbers, we were mauled for t-shirts, we had so much cash the box wouldn't close but once those people had ran past me, and I joined @Chunkybum3, @lynniebean27, @ladybolan, Chris, Alfie and Donna to walk a little bit, the relief and feeling of weightlessness was incredible.

We had over 500 runners, walkers and dogs in Ormeau Park and we raised around £7000. We had celebrities, buns, water, t-shirts, bikes, kids, red bull and lots and lots of tweeple. Most importantly, we helped so many people in Haiti.

Sunday 31st January was such an incredible day (cheese to the max- I know), and I'm so grateful I got to work with Austin and Lisa. You guys literally thought of everything- it was amazing, I'm in complete awe of you both! I can't wait to work with you both again soon!

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