Sunday, 21 March 2010

Latest goings on!

I've been a bit of a bum recently. I'm yet to find a new full time job, so i'm being a waster and just working in the Odyssey a few days a week. To be honest, I bloody love it. I didn't ever have that 'i'm finished uni and i'm going to do mid week drinking sessions and not find a job until I absolutely have to' period so i'm doing it now. I fill my days with long showers, tidying, laundry, This Morning and lots of tea.

I'm also one of the lead organisers for Twestival in Belfast. Basically, it's a charity event to raise money for Concern Worldwide. The cool thing about Twestival is that it's happening globally on March 25th- I just had a conference call with a few other organisers and it's so much more fun having a few people doing the same thing! It's also given me something to do on the days when telly's a bit rubbish!

I heard about Twestival last year when it was happening but wrote it off as a geeky thing. Now that i'm actually organising it, I've seen how non-geeky it is. We've got a few awesome bands lined up, a DJ who sounds like he's gonna be my new BFF (the promise of indie music combined with hip hop is something i'm digging) and a raffle full of prizes i'm actually gutted to have to give away!

It's only a fiver entry, for a night's craic and some board games (how fricking awesome- i'm gonna have a game of guess who and a magners to start the night in style) and it's not just twitter people who are invited!

For more info, and to buy your tickets go to

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