Wednesday, 17 March 2010

What is wrong with them?

I've always said that all boys are idiots, some more than others. In recent weeks, with John Terry, Tiger Woods, Ashley Cole, Howard Donald and the love of my life Mark Owen all fessing up to affairs, my opinions of these boyos has changed. Terry and Tiger- fair enough. I've always thought you pair were ballbags. Ashely, erm, you're married to perhaps the most stunning woman and you cheat on her? You're mental and need psychiatric help, or your eyes testing. Howard, you're such a scamp. But you were my least favourite one in Take That.

Mark though. (Lets note that I am crying real tears at this minute in time). I thought Mark was a lovely boy and if he was going to run away from his lovely wife, it'd to be with me. I can't look at him right now (we just had to turn the DVD off).

But it has taught me a few things. First off, I was right. They are all idiots. Second, it's popped my bubble that I need to date a nice boy. Fuck that. Bring me the bad ones. What's the point in women putting so much effort into finding boys who are nice when even the nice ones fuck a whole host of other birds? Mark's only saving grace is that he stopped banging round him when he got wed.

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